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Lesley Mettler

Multisport Coach
  • BS Exercise Physiology
  • USAT Level II Coach
  • USATAF Level II Coach
  • AFAA Personal Trainer
  • USA Level 1 Cycling
  • Training Peaks Level II Coach
Why Hire a Coach?
  • To get you started on a realistic fitness plan that suits YOUR lifestyle.
  • To help challenge and motivate you to attain your fitness goals.
  • To avert injury through a quality initial consultation and ongoing one-on-one personalized support and supervision.
  • To allow to you to 'train smarter, not harder' and achieve maximum results for your efforts.
  • And most importantly because the RIGHT coach will make achieving your fitness and exercise goals Fun & Enjoyable!

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Excellence in Training

Coach Lesley and her team are passionate about multisport, running, and all types of fitness and weight loss goals. The Team is devoted to excellence in training and passing their accumulated knowledge, as well as their energy and enthusiasm along to clients no matter what their personal goals may be.

The Coach Lesley Team supports clients in achieving their multisport, fitness and weight loss goals by designing highly personalized training programs that are fun, safe and efficient and providing clients with the support they need to succeed (group workouts, private workouts, e-mail and phone support, technical expertise, etc.). These programs are well-balanced: we understand that training is only one aspect of your fitness success; respecting your body and health, devoting appropriate time and resources to family commitments, personal commitments and career are all paramount.

Coach Lesley and her team consider training and fitness to be a work in progress - always. Whether you're goal is triathlon, weight loss, duathlon, running or general fitness related, training is not only about completing a workout. Training is about understanding what you are doing and why. It is about constant communication with your coach and adaptation. Improving your fitness requires balance, discipline, resilience and commitment. It also requires the ability to step back at times and have fun.

The Coach Lesley Team has coached numerous athletes over the years, helping them achieve their personal goals and maximize their potential. We have worked with clients to create a sustainable weekly exercise routine and/or weight loss program. We have coached clients running their first 5k/10k or completing their first sprint triathlon. Other clients have learned to swim in open water and still others have set a new marathon PR, qualified for Boston, or finished an Ironman.

Coach Lesley will help you believe in your body and achieve your best!


Our Seattle based team supports clients worldwide! Visit our "Races and Events" pages to view the variety of triathlons, runs, and other events Coach Lesley team members are currently training for in 2015.

If you live in Seattle, or close by, we offer group runs, rides and swims (pool and open-water depending on the season) throughout the year.

Regardless of where you live, we offer E-Coaching services as well as several strategically scheduled Training Camps to help you prepare for your specific event.

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Love em or Leave em Valentine 5K
Feb 12
Seattle Hot Chocholate 5K/15K
Mar 5
Mercer Island 1/2 Marathon
Mar 19
Weekend Events - Group Runs
Feb 1 - First Saturday on Green Lake: Latona Loops
Feb 11 - Cougar trails
Feb 18 - Gasworks/boyer
Feb 25 - Lake Youngs
Mar 4 - First Saturday on greenlake
Mar 11 - Grand Ridge Trails
Mar 18 - Sunset Hill
Mar 25 - Kirkland Cross Corridor
Apr 1 - First Saturday on Green Lake - Powerline
Apr 8 - Ravena trails
Apr 15 - Mercer Island to Newport Hills
Apr 22 - Green lake Ballard
Special Events
Chelan Camp May 12-14

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